Psychic Reading Lounge
3187 Orchard Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, Michigan 48320


                                   Wellness Services with the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

                                                                              Reading Services

Palmistry Reading ….. $ 45.

Tarot Cards …………… $ 55.

Oracle cards …………. $65.

Clairvoyant Reading .. $ 65.

Runes Reading ………. $ 70.

Tea Leaves Reading .. $ 70.

Gemstones Reading .. $ 85.

Customized Reading .. $ 125.

                                                                          Healing Services

Bi-Aura Therapy

Aura Recoloring

Blue Ray Healing

Akashic Field Therapy ( AFT )

Chakra Flush and Activation

Chakra Rewiring

Energy Rebuilding

Etheric Surgery

Destiny Discovery

Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment

Panchakarma Therapy

Chakra X-ray

Inner Spirit Cleansing

Soul Retrieval

Multi-Layered Shield Protection

Other Service

Psychic Life Coaching

Past Life Regression

Astrology Charts

Dream Interpretation


Remote Viewing


After Death Communication

Personal Training

Quantum thought shifting
Holistic Counseling
Self Awareness
Stress Management
Guided Imagery
Breathing Techniques
Mindfulness Meditation
Family Constellations

Tailored Programs & Services available to Suit Any Life Situation!

To contact Aileena simply call the number listed below and one of her team members will assist you or email any questions you may have.

3187 Orchard Lake Rd.
Keego Harbor, Michigan 48320




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