About Alieena


Aileena is a consultant, lecturer and professional psychic. She has an extensive and loyal clientele, including many celebrities. She has traveled throughout the country presenting seminars and conducting workshops about the emerging human potential, psychic abilities, auras and the power of our beliefs to create our reality. Various Fortune 500 companies contact Cavali to consult on potential employees as her methodology has proven to be equally successful.

philosophy & Approach

I strongly feel readings are an exchange in trust between myself and the person I am reading for, and I’m honored to be a part of the experience and by being invited into their lives.

If someone feels stuck, I like to focus on gaining insight to help empower the person to make choices on their own and to help them understand where they are and where they want to go. I have a passion of psychology with my spiritual self and intuitive side. I may even recommend resources and books that I feel will help an individual, if they so choose.

Before a reading, the less information I’m told upfront, the better because it allows me to trust my intuition and give information as I receive it. I do not pass judgment and I don’t impose my beliefs on another. I also LOVE to hear back from people I’ve read for. So please feel free to update me on how you’re doing!

Aileena is also the author of “LIFE IN THE EYES OF A PSYCHIC” The Story of Hollywood’s Famous Psychic. Psychic Aileena Cavali talks about her life, her work, and her psychic abilities, sharing stories of the people she has worked with, and discussing how she see’s life as a psychic.


Psychic Reading Lounge
3187 Orchard Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, Michigan 48320


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