13. Beginner’s luck

Usually grumbled by an expert who just lost a game to a novice, “beginner’s luck” is the idea that newbies are unusually likely to win when they try out a sport, game or activity for the first time.


12. Find a penny, pick it up …

And all day long, you’ll have good luck.


11. Don’t walk under that ladder!

Frankly, this superstition is pretty practical. Who wants to be responsible for stumbling and knocking someone off ?


10. Black cats crossing your path

If a Black cat crosses your path STAY AWAY! Go on another path.


9. A rabbit’s foot will bring you luck

Talismans and amulets are a time-honored way of fending off evil; consider the crosses and garlic that are supposed to keep Vampires away!


8. Bad luck comes in threes

Remember confirmation bias? The belief that bad luck comes in threes is a classic example.


7. Careful with that mirror

According to folklore, breaking a mirror is a sure way to doom yourself to seven years of bad luck.


6. 66

Three sixes in a row give some people the chills. It’s a superstition that harks back to the Bible.


5. Knock on wood

This phrase is almost like a verbal talisman, designed to ward off bad luck after tempting fate:


4. Make a wish on a wishbone

The tradition of turkey bone tug-of-war goes back a long way. Legend has it that first-century Romans used to fight over dried wishbones — which they believed were good luck


3. Cross your fingers

Those wishing for luck will often cross one finger over another.


2. No umbrellas inside

… And not just because you’ll poke someone’s eye out. Opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to bring bad luck.


1. Friday the 13th

For a superstition, the fear of Friday the 13th seems fairly new, dating back to the late 1800s. Friday has long been considered an unlucky day (according to Christian tradition, Jesus died on a Friday), and 13 has a long history as an unlucky number.


Okay so there you have it, 13 Superstitions that many of us know. I have a lot more, but left a open door for a few comments.

So what are some Superstitions that you know? Leave them in the comment box below, we would LOVE to hear them.

From the team of the Psychic Intuition Center



  1. Abhijeet Aggrawal

    I think you choose what to believe in despite being shown all kinds of evidences that may throw your beliefs in doubt. If they ever brought bad luck to you in your life,even if only once then deep in your mind you would believe in it.If it never brought you bad luck then you wouldn’t believe i

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