Akashic Field

                                                                                    The Akashic Field

is the energy storage hologram for our soul as it acquires human experiences. Every thought, word, deed and action is recorded or imprinted on this energy field. The Akashic Field is very similar to an invisible super computer holding vast amounts of information about YOU. This field is continuously written and rewritten every day. As a soul is trying to acquire various learning experiences, those situations and experiences are imprinted to it for access later by an individual’s subconscious.

                                                                        Akashic Field Therapy or AFT

is an integral method of soul clearing that accesses specific information from an individual’s Akashic Field. AFT brings conscious awareness the patterns that are blocking a person’s full expression of their authentic spiritual self.

The practitioner identifies through the AFT process any negative programs and patterns that are subconsciously affecting an individual and blocking their growth. The area of our consciousness that directly accesses the Akashic Field is the subconscious mind. Through the powerful techniques an AFT practitioner uses, the negative patterns are not only identified but removed from the Akashic field. This process liberates a tremendous amount of energy that was being used previously to store negative patterns. Stored negative patterns contribute to the accumulation of a person’s own “baggage” and over time create a “drag factor” making it difficult to initiate new growth.

                                                                                                                                                         The Many Benefits of AFT

Accessing information stored in the Akashic Field helps us bring our limiting programs and patterns to a greater awareness in our life now. By accessing this stored information, we can release anything that we have created that has become a block to our present growth into a unified self realization of our oneness with God/Spirit/Source.

Working with AFT as a personal growth and development tool, we gain a greater understanding of our addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, what our habitual responses are and reveals the learning experiences or the reasons why we have chosen and created certain life experiences. This greater self awareness effectively promotes greater initiation of self growth and positive action in our lives.

Through the course of working with this technique clients have reported the following benefits:

increased level of consciousness

increased awareness of self, by bringing to awareness sub-conscious patterns that hold you back

increased and clearer spiritual energy by releasing negative patterns

elimination of the “drag factor” (those experiences and traumas that “hold you back” or keep you stuck in one place in your growth opportunity)

allow greater opportunities for growth and personal transformation

better ability to cope with life situations by having a clearer insight about what is happening

better, more positive perception of self, others and life situations

better quality of life with less fear of situational outcomes

decreased anxiety, depression and hopelessness about life due to a lack of self-awareness

overall increase in happiness, feelings of well-being reflected on those around you

increased sense of oneness with the collective or global community

increased sense of responsibility to assist in creating a better world

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Psychic Intuition Center Team.



  1. Ajinkya

    I wasn’t aware of the concept. Seems to me that this mystical Akashic Field, this underlying interconnecting something in which we all reside, is about as close to the definition of God as I have ever seen.

  2. Sam

    Akashic Records is a mystical place which contains a history of every being since the creation. I always believed in possible existence of one theory which would explain everything, science, mysticism and religion. It looks like we are getting closer to the day when science will discover what mystics knew for long time. Kinda makes me fill crazy thinking about it.

  3. Tom

    Panthiest like Hawking and Einstein are examples PAR EXCELLENCE of spirituality and hard emperical science achieving greatness… those who say science and spirituality are at odds with each other understand neither one of them. Akashic Field is very much related here .

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