Palmistry or chiromancy (also spelled cheiromancy, Greek kheir (χεῖρ, ός), “hand”; manteia (μαντεία, ας)

“What is Palmistry?”

Palmistry is the science of studying the hands of human beings. This incorporates the external features of the hands, e.g. the shape, texture, suppleness, finger formation, nails etc., aswell as the lines within the palm itself. A good Palmist should be able to draw a clear picture of your life from your hands and should relate this to you when reading your palm.

The History of Hand Readings

Chiromancy, palmistry, hand-reading, hand analysis, chirology. 

For centuries the features of the hands have fascinated scholars, sages, theologians, doctors and laymen alike. 

In the original Hebrew of the book of Job (chapter xxxvii, ver.7), we find these significant words: “God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works.”

Palmistry is said to have originated in India and then spread throughout China finding it’s way to Egypt, Greece and then to Europe.

The reading of hands is not a mere superstition. It is a science that was studied by the ancients along with astrology and has developed and been used ever since, right up until this present day.

Despite its suppression throughout the Middle Ages and the prohibited use of it during the reign of King Henry VIII (who banned palmistry and other alternative practices, brandishing those who used it as sorcerers and devil worshipers). It is still flourishing more than ever today, especially in these stressful modern times when we are all searching for truth and answers within ourselves.

Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated its science have shown from their conclusions that hands have the potential to reveal a person’s character, health and psychological states.

Although Palmistry is a science and an art, by using psychic intuition a much greater understanding can be achieved.

The one thing that many people do not know about palmistry, is that the lines on the palm as well as the shape of the hands do change, from within as little as two-three months.


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From the Team of Psychic Intuition Center



  1. Abhijeet

    I’m not very good a palmistry, but I sorta do know the basics. And for the part for believing, it all depends on you yourself. I believe in the universe and palmistry, science and the curious works of God. So you can say I’m a believer for things. As long as it can prove it. But like I said, it all depends on if you really want to believe this or not. I can’t force you. And nobody shouldn’t either.

  2. Ajinkya

    i have always wanted to find out more about this .
    I just wanted to know that if there is any website from which a palmist can read your hand, if you send a picture of your hand or something.?

  3. Tom

    It’s a great way to learn a bit about yourself; health, tempermant, stress levels, past and future obstacles…..etc all sorts.

  4. Natalie Lopez (@Sweety3G)

    I saw that palmistry thing in Lost and it FREAKED me out. A palmistry shop just opened up right by my house, and I’m debating on whether or not to go. After reading this post , i think i might give it a try .

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